Terror Threat High

on 09.10.2011

Are you scared that the terror threat is high? I am to scared, but then again, I live in South Florida. Unless Al qaeda has a fatwa against old Jews, and Puerto Ricans, I have nothing to worry about. If you are in NYC, there might be a problem then. I can only imagine the amount of shit the people of NYC now have to put up with because of this. Random searches and police like state. That must suck balls. --Jay

Jay D., jay@crazyshit.com
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
Happy 911 everyone x x x
posted on: 09-10-11 @ 5:56 PM

I've visited America twice, and basically anywhere you visit you get searched. Even the insectarium at New Orleans you were throughly searched - who wants to blow up bugs?
posted on: 09-10-11 @ 8:14 PM

Ain't sceered. Fuck Obama and all the fear mongers!
posted on: 09-10-11 @ 8:41 PM

i live in america and thats bullshit!1 you dont get searched everywhere you go. you get searched at airports, federal buildings require that you go thru a metal detector and thats abvout it. so ya anrconvert your full of shit.
posted on: 09-10-11 @ 9:00 PM

I live here too. I for one aint skeered of shit u dbag fucks. Those cowards cant fight a battle one on one thats y they have to hijack our shit the yellow belly fucks wouldnt make it 100 miles off our coast otherwise. And as of getting searched like that faggot at the top said.. well he is full of shit. I live right outside new orleans, maybe in new york their are searches and shit goin on right now and i dont blame them if i see a muslim peice of shit american or not ima fuck em up
posted on: 09-10-11 @ 9:45 PM

three minutes silence for the fallen of 9/11 at mid day. where ever you are. thank you crazy shitters.
posted on: 09-11-11 @ 1:35 AM

my niebours are from afghanistan and for the first time ever in a year.. coincedently they were having a massive party last night, they are quite polite and nice to us but you never no with anyone these days, hopefully for them it was something unrelated , otherwise theres a terrorist hotline we can dial up,.. meanwhile my wife will casually ask them tommorrow what the big celebration was
posted on: 09-11-11 @ 6:22 AM