Steelers Make Me Angry

on 09.12.2011

Yesterday after watching what some would call "the worst game I have ever seen the Steelers play in my whole entire life," I jokingly said I am cancelling the NFL package, and am not going to watch football for the rest of the season. They played so bad, I thought about going to the pet shop, buying a dog, take the dog home, feed it a nice meal, play with it for awhile, then kick it! That's how mad I was. I have never seen so many turnovers and fuckups. Oddly enough, they looked just like they did 8 months ago in the Super Bowl. Only worse. Now the truth is, I am a Steelers fan. I will never cheer for another team, and I ain't no fair weather fan. But throw us a freaking bone guys. All you have to do is beat the Ravens two more times this season and all will be forgiven. Bonus for Troy Polamalu fighting and body slamming Ray Rice. --Jay

Jay D., jay@crazyshit.com
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
I guess a wager for the Texans game is out of the question? the Texans are gonna whoop up on that ass when they come down to Houston.
posted on: 09-12-11 @ 1:46 PM

Jay D.
I thought you were getting me a ticket to the game?
posted on: 09-12-11 @ 1:51 PM

and i thought adam was the asshole.
posted on: 09-12-11 @ 2:49 PM

i have an idea for a fun sport, its called fag ball and all you need are two massive catapaults either end of a football field and get numeronefan, tape sticks of dynamite to his ass and fire him from one end of the field to the other!, if he is still alive when he lands then you score a point, then you fire him back, and you go on like this untill he evenyually blows up in the air, then everyone is a winner!
posted on: 09-12-11 @ 3:58 PM

would u come if I did?
posted on: 09-12-11 @ 5:05 PM

Fuck your Steelers, I'm happy those arrogant fucks are starting out bad GO GIANTS!!
posted on: 09-12-11 @ 5:59 PM

hey iluvkitty, he sure would, all over his hand!!
posted on: 09-12-11 @ 8:53 PM

They only play The Steelers once more this season, and after going 7-0 since Flacco has been there, We (Ravens)were way overdue. Flacco has fixed what was making him throw incomplete over 50% of the time to the left, so I expect there will be other snot stompins
posted on: 09-12-11 @ 9:31 PM

I feel for you Jay, I'm a Jets fan
posted on: 09-13-11 @ 12:50 AM

sorry jay about the 35-7 loss...the panthers have been to the superbowl twice and with a new qb cam newton willing to run anytime .... just look him up... the red zone is an end zone for that boy!
posted on: 09-13-11 @ 1:30 AM

The reason why Ben Roethlisberger played so shitty is he didn't try to rape someone over the summer. When he tries to rape someone he ends up having a good season.
posted on: 09-13-11 @ 11:04 AM

^^^^^^ send him numberonefan. he would love Ruthlessnigger.
posted on: 09-13-11 @ 11:45 AM

Loved it loved the game!!! Ravens are awesome.
posted on: 09-14-11 @ 2:36 PM