My New Roommate

on 09.14.2011

I've got myself a little lizard buddy that's taken up residence in my bedroom. It's been a couple weeks since I first saw the gecko chilling on my wall, but we had our first close encounter the other day. I was lying down on my stomach and felt something on my heel. I figured it was a fly and kicked him off. Then I heard a little thump on the floor, and turned to see the gecko fleeing for safety. I felt a little bad, but I've seen him since and he appears to be uninjured from the flight. --Adam

Adam H., adamh@crazyshit.com
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
Ask him about lowering your insurance rates.
posted on: 09-14-11 @ 2:18 PM

damnit kenny ya beat me to it!!
posted on: 09-14-11 @ 2:19 PM

translation :- you were laying face down butt naked with a mouth full of pillow when you felt noberonefans lizard cock slap between your ass cheeks making you kick his butt plug clean out of his ass and out the window hitting an old woman in the eye killing her instantly.
posted on: 09-14-11 @ 2:32 PM

PETA just called for you
posted on: 09-14-11 @ 3:01 PM

you cheap bastard. why don't you buy a gerbel like the rest of your fag friends.
posted on: 09-14-11 @ 3:40 PM

D'awwww! Least the lizard's nicer than the demon spawn of a gecko I had.
posted on: 09-14-11 @ 4:01 PM

Iused to have a gecko in my bathroom in Australia, i didn`t mind until i went for a piss and he started laughing !!! Bastard !!!!
posted on: 09-15-11 @ 5:45 AM