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on 09.20.2011

I will pose this question for you. My weed eater slash edger has taken a kind of shit on me. After tearing it apart and basically figuring out the problem, I have two options. Start ordering parts for it, if I can find it. Or just get a new one a Home Depot. It's not a expensive one, it's $150 bucks, and is a multi attachment deal. But I imagine for the time plus effort to fix it, it might be just easier to go pick up a new one. Or I can search for the parts, and the problem and try to fix it myself. What are your thoughts? --Jay

Jay D., jay@crazyshit.com
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
That's easy. Hire a nigger or a Mexican to do your yardwork. Problem solved.
posted on: 09-20-11 @ 3:04 PM

Well Jay the rule of thumb is if to fix it cost more than 1/2 the price of a new one I would say Buy a new one with a Waranty! How every in this Economy thanks to the Clown in the White House & the Morons in the Senate, I go for repairing it and doing it yourself
posted on: 09-20-11 @ 3:14 PM

your other option get a pet goat they will keep it nice and clipped short, and you end up doing NO work
posted on: 09-20-11 @ 3:17 PM

a goat or a sheep might be cheaper in the end they won't steal you blind or not show nor do they expect to be paid
posted on: 09-20-11 @ 3:23 PM

I say worry about the lack of User boobs instead. Now THAT'S a real problem.
posted on: 09-20-11 @ 3:28 PM

The answer to your problem is that you are a dick. buy some goats and say fuck it.
posted on: 09-20-11 @ 3:49 PM

Money comes and goes .. Time goes .. Buy a new one ya cheap scape billionair
posted on: 09-20-11 @ 4:57 PM

what the fuck is this? better homes and gardens now? i mean i am on crazyshit .com right? have you rich fuckers down at cs offices have lost your fucking minds!! buy a sheep, let it eat the yard all day, then at night fuck its brains out and post the video!
posted on: 09-20-11 @ 5:02 PM

just buy a new one, but have you considered that this might be a sign? would it hurt to bend over and pull weeds out yourself, maybe get a little exercise so you're not the next bloated death video on this site
posted on: 09-20-11 @ 5:46 PM

Buy a Stihl and never worry about it ever again
posted on: 09-20-11 @ 5:48 PM

^ @ geekin3 a fuckin chainsaw isnt really a garden tool, you on the other hand are for spouting complete shit, fucking idiot, where the fuck would u use a cunting chainsaw in a suburban garden you fucking tool. honestly cs where do u get these cunts from?
posted on: 09-20-11 @ 5:52 PM

Why don't you do like the guy that got your other yard tools, STEAL ONE.
posted on: 09-20-11 @ 6:30 PM

well steven915 you fucking idiot look at there website they make more than just chainsaws wow i just wish this nigger could keep his mouth shut
posted on: 09-20-11 @ 6:52 PM

just in case your faggot ass cant read JUST CLICK HERE stihlusa.com/trimmers/occasional.html
posted on: 09-20-11 @ 6:55 PM

Stihl makes really good machines, but they're not cheap. If you can fix it yourself, do it. If not, buy a new one and put the old one up for sale on craigslist, so someone else can fix it and use it.
posted on: 09-20-11 @ 7:01 PM

Buy a Stihl KM 90. It's their version of the attachment. It's about $300 for the motor head and the attachments vary in price. It will last at least 10 years with the yearly trip to the shop for up keep. You can afford it don't say you can't you cheap bitch.
posted on: 09-20-11 @ 7:49 PM

Go 4 cycle, but do not go RYOBI. They have issues with the oil lines popping off of the cylinder head. I bought a pair of Troy-Bilt 4cycle power heads, and have had no issues at all. You can even go uber lazy and get the electric starter for them
posted on: 09-20-11 @ 8:45 PM

just go to home depot and buy a new mexican to do your yard its cheaper
posted on: 09-20-11 @ 9:13 PM

hit the pawn shop, buy a used one for $40, when it breaks just go buy another one
posted on: 09-20-11 @ 9:53 PM

buy a STIHL and you'll never have to buy another one again PERIOD.... and for the dumb fucking idiots that think stihl only makes chainsaws go use one to cut your head off but make sure you tape it for all of us to laugh at.
posted on: 09-21-11 @ 12:38 AM

its really simple jay, lookup parts in the phone book any lawnmower repair can hook you up... 9 times out of ten its just the spark plug
posted on: 09-21-11 @ 1:21 AM

Buy the same brand, hold onto the dead piece of shit, return the dead piece of shit with the receipt for the new one just before the receipt expires. Repeat entire process next year. AKA FUCK THE MAN!!!
posted on: 09-21-11 @ 1:42 AM

jay, i own a mower repair business. let us know what brand of machine you have, and i can tell you where to find parts online. stay away from the home depot throw away machines. especially the mtd models, bolens, troy bilt, ryan, ryobi, yard machines, craftsman, and god knows what other names they use. echo builds some of the nicest and cheapest priced home owner machines. stihl is an awesome machine too, but stay away from the 4 mix models. husqvarna is another company that builds awesome machines too. i sell all 3 of these brands because they are the best on the market. older homelites were nice and simple, but the new ones are junk too. one web site you can probably find parts for your machine is partstree.com. you do need to know your model and serial number for your machine to look up the part you need. it is usually cheaper to fix them.
posted on: 09-21-11 @ 7:45 AM

this is exactly why I haven't sent you fuckers any money to become a VIP.
posted on: 09-21-11 @ 9:02 AM

Kill all the weeds and grass with ground kill then put in rocks, gravel and cactus. Fuck yard work, you will have more time for drinking beer...
posted on: 09-21-11 @ 1:59 PM

Jay D.
Thanks all for the ideas. Goats/sheep not a bad idea. Yes before, I used to have some honda weed eater /shindaiwa edger. That was some pro shit, and well, some asshat broke into my shed and stole them. Now I have a cheap ass ryobi. I'm going to work on it a bit more. It seems to be flooding, if I pump the ball. Probably something with the gasket between the ball pump and carb.
posted on: 09-21-11 @ 5:18 PM

"pump the ball" lol. It's called priming.
posted on: 09-22-11 @ 2:25 AM