Pull Them Down

on 09.21.2011

I'm calling out for everyone to take action today. If you see some degenerate dumbass with his pants sagging below his ass, you should pull them down and push him over. Then let him know that he is an idiot and should wear his pants like someone who isn't retarded. Even if only one of you does this, I'll be happy. --Adam

Adam H., adamh@crazyshit.com
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
Bowling anyone?
posted on: 09-21-11 @ 3:10 PM

You do that in most areas Adam Some dude will pull a knife on you or shoot you with a saturday night special. Unless you have a death wish don't do it!
posted on: 09-21-11 @ 6:36 PM

I wonder how many of them realize that "Fashion Statement" started in prison. It was a way to let the other cons know that your faggot ass is available. Silly faggots.
posted on: 09-21-11 @ 7:13 PM

well adam im about to make your day, this wearing your pants sagging down round your ass originated from american prisons, if an inmate wore his pants belowe his ass it signified that he was in fact a homosexual and was available to the prison population.
posted on: 09-21-11 @ 9:01 PM

ahhhh kenny u cunt! i didnt read yur post!
posted on: 09-21-11 @ 9:09 PM

My mum and I already do this. They get upset and we just look at them like, "Well..." Gotta love gangstas who think they're so cool.
posted on: 09-21-11 @ 9:09 PM

A black friend of mine tells me if you want the blacks to stop doing something have whitey start doing what black people do. So all you have to do is, have all your white friends start saggin and baggin. True story....
posted on: 09-21-11 @ 9:14 PM

The funny thing is that ppl in prison started sagging their pants first they were known as someones bitch if they sag so i guess all niggers and wiggers with saggy pants are someones bitch bahahaha true shit google it
posted on: 09-21-11 @ 9:18 PM

if my pants are up, how am I suppose to skillfully land a stink pickle in your mom's face pussy?
posted on: 09-21-11 @ 10:46 PM

SOOOO go around slapping white guys alright adamn done
posted on: 09-22-11 @ 12:25 AM