Who's Your Daddy?

on 09.29.2011

I'm sitting here wondering what happens when a porn star gets pregnant, aside from her doing pregnant porn. The whore more than likely can't say who the dad is, but if she did know and it was another actor, is he completely liable as any other dad would be? He cream pies the slut in a scene, and now he has to pay for her fuck trophy? And what about the production company? Do they have any responsibility? Hopefully the chick will get a coat hanger and take care of it, but if not, I wonder how it all goes down. --Adam

Adam H., adamh@crazyshit.com
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
In most states the law doesn't care about how the man got the woman pregnant and the law considers a baby a good thing in your life no mater what, so you can't sue for damages for wrongful pregnancy. Mr. Creampie, if positively identified as the father (which if you're a porn star is hard to do) will be responsible for that fuck trophy.
posted on: 09-29-11 @ 2:50 PM

That's why you either get a blowjob or fuck them in the ass.
posted on: 09-29-11 @ 5:50 PM

Thats just a fucked up thought Adam...but thats why I luv ya. But how the fuck do you tell your kid somday day it's dad is Ron Jeramy ?
posted on: 09-30-11 @ 2:01 AM

Adam, Either wear a rubber, get a DNA test or stop doing porn. That way you can worry about other kinds of shit like do I(you) have AIDS, will your dick rot off (completely), Is that guy at the gym that keep offering to give you a message an employee or just a randon gay guy, did that chick you fucked last night have a really long clit and tight pussy that smelled like shit a women or a tranny or if JayD was coming to work or not to do the WICS.Otherwise your gonning to worry yourself to death.
posted on: 09-30-11 @ 10:47 AM