US Virgin Islands

on 10.11.2011

A friend of mine thought it would be a nice treat to invite my family and me down to their vacation rental in the US Virgin Islands, St. Thomas to be exact. Flights are super cheap from Miami, so we said fuck it and decided to go. I have to give some credit to my friend for hooking us up, it was super nice. Everything else besides the beaches was a shit hole. The natives were rude as fuck, everywhere you looked it was ghetto as fuck, but they didn't mind roadies. Yes we did drink and drive everywhere we went, that was awesome. But the beaches on St. John were by far the best. Now I am back in South Florida, where it seems to be a bit less ghetto. And a shout out to the Miami TSA agents that now hopefully are crazyshit fans! --Jay

Jay D., jay@crazyshit.com
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
hey did ya bring your self back a case of aids? i hear you can get it cheaper there then in the states.
posted on: 10-11-11 @ 3:26 PM

No place like home ..Huh Dorthy?
posted on: 10-11-11 @ 4:43 PM

I grew up on St.Croix and St. Thomas in the early 1970's, my father was in construction and it was tough to be one of the only white kids in class !We moved home when the black panthers murdered some white folks on a golf course near our house!never goin back! MAUI now!
posted on: 10-12-11 @ 5:24 AM