Is It Because I'm White?

on 10.13.2011

I went to a favorite taco shop of mine to get some dinner and I felt discriminated against for being a whitey. Mexicans who ordered after me kept getting their food before me. After I noticed it happen three or four times, I had to straighten this shit out. I tell the girl at the counter my situation and she tells me there's a number system in place. Yeah, I know how to count so give me my food, I tell her. Turns out the chick misplaced my ticket. She seemed genuinely apologetic, and gave me extra tacos, so maybe it wasn't cause I'm a honky. But maybe it was. Oh well, those tacos are fucking delicious. --Adam

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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
DON"T EAT THE FOOD>>>If you wake with food poisoning again it may be from the boogers/spit or butt hair the put in your food. You have been warned.
posted on: 10-13-11 @ 2:20 PM

bet her hubby was the black guy cooking in the back.
posted on: 10-13-11 @ 3:11 PM

so how was that extra cum,spit,bogger,dandruff, taco?
posted on: 10-13-11 @ 3:48 PM

dont get it wrong adam of course it cuz your white
posted on: 10-13-11 @ 3:58 PM

No Adam they didn't think you were a honky, they thought you were a gringo. your a honky at the chicken place.
posted on: 10-13-11 @ 6:11 PM

you better go back and eat there again, you know as much as i do the cartel is in florida!
posted on: 10-13-11 @ 7:07 PM

She didn't misplace your ticket, it just took that long for the cook to whip up the special sauce for whitey...
posted on: 10-13-11 @ 7:47 PM

Can you speak beaner? If so try and listen to what they are saying. Fast food equals kid's and or loser's who dont care about themselves let alone you.
posted on: 10-13-11 @ 10:48 PM

of course its because we're white... this is no longer our country... DUH!
posted on: 10-14-11 @ 1:32 AM

You are looking too deep into this Adam. They are just uneducated border people. You REALLY expect them to have a "number system" that someone taking taco orders can't fuck up??? It has nothing to do with you been white. It's all about them being mexican.
posted on: 10-14-11 @ 11:31 AM