Other's Hangovers?

on 10.22.2011

Do you laugh at your significant when they have a hangover? I don't. I think that's just mean. I try to hold her hair out of the toilet when she is puking and give her plenty of water. One reason is that I love her. The other reason is, when the tables are reversed, I need a little help not peeing on myself when I'm passed out in the front yard. So I never laugh, I do have a pretty big smile on my face though. --Jay

Jay D., jay@crazyshit.com
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
My wife got really pukey when she was pregnant and was prescribed an anti-nausea pills. I bitched because they were about 10 bucks apiece and she was chowing down two a day. But after I found the bottom of a bottle of jager one night and was brutally vomiting in the morning she gave me two of those pills and a sammich and let me sleep on the couch all day. Those pills fucking rocked. Just found out she is pregnant again, can't wait for some more of those pills...
posted on: 10-22-11 @ 4:20 PM

come on jay we all know that adam's hair isn't long enough to hang in the toilet
posted on: 10-22-11 @ 4:57 PM

That's fuckin' cold.......^^^^^
posted on: 10-22-11 @ 6:07 PM