Jay's The Man

on 11.02.2011

A couple weeks ago, I went over to Jay's so he could help me replace a wheel bearing. After taking the wheel apart, we found out we needed a press to get the bearing out, which we didn't have. That sucked. But yesterday we took the hub off, took it to his cousin's garage, pressed the new bearing in and got that fucker back on. I've got to hand it to Jay, he's a crafty one. We ran into some setbacks, but nothing his honky rigging skills weren't able to overcome. Now my ride is smooth once again, and it only cost me $40 and a gyro. --Adam

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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
Take 1 bench vice, one correct size socket =Press. viola!
posted on: 11-02-11 @ 10:47 AM

^ yep. but get some soft material like leather so you don't scuff your shit.
posted on: 11-02-11 @ 10:50 AM

Jay D.
The vice is at my parent's old place and I was too lazy to go over there. It was way easier with a big press though. I think Adam means he is impressed with my Afro Engineering Degree.
posted on: 11-02-11 @ 12:50 PM

It cost you more than $40 and a gyro Adam, it also cost you your man card. Your man card has been revoked and ou are banned from doing any manly acticities for a year. Not that it is any different than what you are doing now.
posted on: 11-02-11 @ 1:29 PM

yea jay, you can fix anything with a roll of duct tape and some bailing wire
posted on: 11-02-11 @ 2:13 PM

@ Jay, it is now called Presidential Solutiuon...
posted on: 11-02-11 @ 3:35 PM

I never know the two of you were Portagees.
posted on: 11-02-11 @ 5:29 PM

the only press adam can operate makes cuban sandwiches
posted on: 11-02-11 @ 6:07 PM

i just knew there was some red still left in that neck...
posted on: 11-02-11 @ 10:43 PM

Thats the American white boy coming out in Jay. He didnt stand there waiting for someone to do it for him. He got it done, and done right. Helps to have relates in Automotive to.
posted on: 11-03-11 @ 3:50 AM

I agree with rodg. Next time Jay, get a small piece of brass stock and tap it in. It won't damage the bearing race, and if you get it started evenly and work in a circle around the race, they go in pretty easy. The bench vice two hats mentioned works great for u-joints also.
posted on: 11-03-11 @ 8:44 AM