Choose Your World

on 11.04.2011

I know how open-minded and tolerant so many of you members are, so here's a question for you guys. If you had to choose between living in a world run by ghetto ass black people or super flamboyant gays, which would you choose and why? You know what, let's throw in Mexican laborers and Thai lady boys too, just to make it a little more interesting. So what's it going to be? And suicide is not an option. --Adam

Adam H., adamh@crazyshit.com
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
i'd go with the mexicans, at least my yard would look good
posted on: 11-04-11 @ 2:08 PM

If you want that, just go to Brazil.
posted on: 11-04-11 @ 3:30 PM

well since suicide isnt an option i would just shoot everyone i saw until i got killed.
posted on: 11-04-11 @ 3:54 PM

this is how open minded i am if i can tolerate those oxygen thieves aka pig skins i can live next to anything
posted on: 11-04-11 @ 4:07 PM

doesn't matter because we'll just conquer the world all over again
posted on: 11-04-11 @ 5:22 PM

wtf? well, since you said suicide was outta the question. i choose being in a fucking coma until they all kill each other.
posted on: 11-04-11 @ 6:08 PM

I would choose the gay government, I think I don't have to explain why.
posted on: 11-04-11 @ 6:50 PM

Thai lady boys....wtf? At least they're cute!
posted on: 11-04-11 @ 7:03 PM

ive lived in a gay neighbor hood, and those fuckers cleaned up the streets ,fixed up all the houses and had the greenest god damn lawns, but the ghetto ass black people cook better food and know how to have a good time.. im going with the mexicans and thai lady boys.. eat a dick for jesus
posted on: 11-04-11 @ 9:21 PM

I guess I'd have to go with the niggas and hope for the best. Amen
posted on: 11-05-11 @ 12:28 AM

well between bigtalk , num1 and the cartel we,re screwed anyway , so thai ladyboys it is..lmao
posted on: 11-05-11 @ 1:23 AM

Anyworld is better than living with white racist cracker
posted on: 11-05-11 @ 1:19 PM

Why can't I have 72 virgins like everyone else ?
posted on: 11-05-11 @ 11:19 PM

I love moving targets. I'll keep the world that I'm in.
posted on: 11-06-11 @ 6:14 PM