Peeing From My Butt

on 11.13.2011

I ate a bunch of meatballs at a little party last night, and I sure am regretting it today. Since I woke up, I've been peeing from my butt every 10 minutes, and it certainly sucks. I tried to help settle my stomach by sticking my hand down my throat, which gave some relief after I puked up a bunch of bile. Unfortunately, my ass is still draining, but on the bright side, I am stocked up on toilet paper. --Adam

Adam H., adamh@crazyshit.com
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
Invite your Asian friends over.
posted on: 11-13-11 @ 1:22 PM

Stop letting Trannys Piss in Your Ass.
posted on: 11-13-11 @ 3:33 PM

cheap beer
posted on: 11-13-11 @ 6:30 PM

red meat has wheat extract added to bulk it out, iv told you before adam and you dont listen, my girlfriend of seven almost eight years suffers from the same thing, you are either dairy or wheat intolerant ! even beer will have dire results on you for no fucking reason, tell me you dont get major fuckin ass piss when you eat any kind of dairy produce or wheat based food stuffs. and its not cheap beer ! beer contains hops and barley, . . . wheat . . . fuck sake open your eyes! go and get tested for allergies and intollerences ! it cost next to nothing and you will never shit your self in front of your imagenary friends again !
posted on: 11-13-11 @ 9:37 PM

baby wipes bro
posted on: 11-14-11 @ 8:48 AM

@Stevenh915; are you talking about Siliacs disease?
posted on: 11-16-11 @ 12:38 AM