Getting Into The Spirit

on 11.26.2011

It's time I get into the Christmas Spirit. Thanksgiving is over, and it's now time to break out the sketchy ladder to hang some Christmas lights. For the most part, I would say Christmas has become to commercialized, but when you have a little kid, they love that shit. I'm almost betting this year he will pull down the tree. Or try to climb it. Either one the tree is coming down. I will have camera on hand so that if I fall off the roof we can have something to post here. --Jay

Jay D., jay@crazyshit.com
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
be a smart daddy jay and buy plastic orniments unless you want to spend christmas in the E.R. getting your kid stitched up
posted on: 11-26-11 @ 3:31 PM

that would be a funny vid yo
posted on: 11-26-11 @ 4:18 PM

thats cool jay keep him innocent as long as you can before introducing him to all this crazy shit thats called the world
posted on: 11-26-11 @ 4:41 PM

Hi Jay, I’m sure you will choose the right gift for your kid.I think the best part at christmas is the handing out of presents.Maybe Adam or Henry should dress like Santa and give your kid his presents.I’m sure you kid will love it.(Adam where the best choice he must only dyeing his beard)
posted on: 11-26-11 @ 4:51 PM