Out Of Toilet Paper

on 11.27.2011

Ever spend the night at a chick's house and take a giant shit in the morning, only to discover that she's all out of toilet paper? A little warning would've been nice. And of course you don't notice until that monster is already hitting the water. I guess I'll just have to tear my asshole up with those coarse paper towels. --Adam

Adam H., adamh@crazyshit.com
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
your in the bathroom anyway, just take a shower dumbass
posted on: 11-27-11 @ 2:59 PM

just reach in the hamper and use a t-shirt,then put it back in the hamper.If she ever has you over again,she won’t forget to have tp
posted on: 11-27-11 @ 3:20 PM

well Adam it reminds me of an old hunters joke. 3 hunters out in the woods 1 has to take a good crap and says Hey guys what do you use for TP out here. the other two hunters said use an Dollar bill when all else fails. So the Third guy goes out behind an bush a few minutes later re-appears. They are walking when one of the hunters says MY God you smell like CRAP. didn’t you use a dollar bill? HE replied I didn’t have an buck so I used 3 quarters two dimes and an nickel! Helpful hint Adam a copy of the Koran in the Bathroom make GREAT Emergency TP and is biodegradable : -)
posted on: 11-27-11 @ 3:23 PM

you could also use a sock.just slide it over your hand and you have an instant shit mitt
posted on: 11-27-11 @ 3:24 PM

kind of like in dumb & dumber right
posted on: 11-27-11 @ 4:36 PM

Didn’t you use the 3 clamshells?
posted on: 11-27-11 @ 8:41 PM

Does she have curtains or blinds in the bathroom? You can see where this is going...
posted on: 11-28-11 @ 9:13 AM

there’s a real good reason most bathrooms have a window by the toilet. the emergency TP is called curtains.
posted on: 11-28-11 @ 10:33 AM

YUP, Been there done that. And It’s never the little rabbit turds that need no wiping It’s always the peanut butter shit’s!..........Welp! Guess im going sockless rest of the night.
posted on: 11-28-11 @ 10:16 PM