Booger Relief

on 11.30.2011

I was laying in be this morning picking my nose. I like to dig around there in the mornings, to get all those night time boogies out. Well, as I was digging for gold, I kind of exhaled and all of the sudden the mother of all boogers came loose. As I pulled out my finger, this monster of a booger was hanging on like a mountain climber. After a quick flick into the toilet, I realized how relieved I felt. It felt like I had taken a huge shit, but in my nose area. I laid back down to enjoy the zen like state from picking a huge booger. --Jay

Jay D., jay@crazyshit.com
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
I bet your fat ass was out of breath afterwards too huh??? (zing)
posted on: 11-30-11 @ 2:38 PM

fuckin sick, dawg
posted on: 11-30-11 @ 4:11 PM

Suprised that you didn’t eat it..!? Numberonefan said its just like sucking down a wad of nut.
posted on: 11-30-11 @ 6:49 PM

shoulda wiped it in the ole ladys dirty underware. woulda been funny as hell if she found it before she washed it.
posted on: 11-30-11 @ 7:45 PM

One of my favorite "booger stories" is my friend’s "swinging booger"! Me and four of my friends were having a D&D weekend back when we were in high school. One of my friends had a, I guess you could call it a dry booger, hanging out on one of his nosehairs. What made it funny was because each time he would inhale it would disappear up his nose and reappear when he exhaled. It took a while before he realized what the laughing was about. Fun times! Hey Ron! I hope your family is all together now and enjoying the holidays. God bless you and your family! Peace!
posted on: 11-30-11 @ 7:50 PM

Apparently this God you speak of hates fags so you technically can’t bless Ron.
posted on: 11-30-11 @ 9:48 PM