Pulling Out Pays

on 12.04.2011

Hanging out with friends who have kids always makes me feel good about all the times I decided to pull out. Sure, busting inside and getting those few extra pumps feels awesome, but not as awesome as knowing that I don't have to wake up early every morning to a little person running around, screaming, and throwing shit all over the place. --Adam

Adam H., adamh@crazyshit.com
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
Adam, leaving a girl with a creampie is awesome but not really worth 18yrs of child support. smart man.
posted on: 12-04-11 @ 12:30 PM

@adam. Your dad said the same thing all those many years ago. He must have shot one in by accident. ;-)
posted on: 12-04-11 @ 12:59 PM

Adam go ahead and cum in Jays ass he won’t get pregnant
posted on: 12-04-11 @ 1:36 PM

My missus got the pill implant under her arm ... So this little black duck can and does frequently shoot gooey loads up the pipes when ever I choose .. And it's fucking awesome Adam .. Good luck keeping those little leaks of sperm on a leash .. Hope your smoking a shit load of weed for that ... Lol Keep on truck,n :)
posted on: 12-04-11 @ 8:08 PM

got my shit split back in 1991!! this here gunfighter is shooting blanks and filling poontang full of babyless batter on a regular basis!!
posted on: 12-04-11 @ 8:23 PM