UFC Tonight!

on 12.10.2011

Is it me or is there basically a UFC fight every weekend now? I used to look forward to going to the bar, watching the fight, drink some beer and talk shit. That was my time to get out of the house every so often. Now, it's like every other weekend, and what the hell. I don't want to see my friends that much. Thank goodness the beer is usually cold! --Jay

Jay D., jay@crazyshit.com
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
i agree jay .. ufc was better when it was once a year , then every 6 months , then 3 months .. now every three fuckin days.. on top of that you get all these wannabe heros who think there tough after they watch a fight at a pub.. that start talking shit bout how they once smashed a guy and arm barred him.. blah blah fuk,n blah, yeah its a great sport but its hard to follow whos the latest champ , theres wieght classes for every 1 kilo allowance division .. this fuck i knew over here had his own division with about 4 people that contended in it and he classed himself as a world champion in that division .. absolute fucking toss burger .. i did the sport for two years and in the end there was to many dickheads taking it up ,and my trainer scammed his students and fucked off to thailand with 50 "one year" memberships .. that motherfucker has not come back yet.. when i see a ufc promotion now i want to go rape a pigeon or something .. 2inda knows what i mean ..lol
posted on: 12-10-11 @ 12:28 PM

jay is a founding member of the UFC, urban fag club
posted on: 12-10-11 @ 3:23 PM