Talk About Old School

on 12.12.2011

Are you a old school crazyshitter? Have you been here since the start in 1999? Or were you a fan of some other sites that have long since been sold off, and turned into shitty porn sites? Sites like Stile Project, Consumption Junction, Banged Up, and Steak and Cheese. All good sites, that were sold and turned into shit. Funny thing, we started before all those guys, and are still around. We love what we do, and never thought about selling out. That or no one has offered us any money yet. If you were a fan of those sites, and now a fan of ours, thanks for sticking around good buddy! If you have been with us since the start, you fucking rock! --Jay

Jay D., jay@crazyshit.com
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
jay. have you asked the japanese about buying it? they love shit
posted on: 12-12-11 @ 2:37 PM

we look at fat chicks with tattoos and ads for 12 inch dicks, sell out no never
posted on: 12-12-11 @ 3:15 PM

Jay D.
@lenny, good idea! @karl, don’t confuse selling out, with paying the bills. I got mouths to feed!
posted on: 12-12-11 @ 3:17 PM

I been coming here since i was 13 (im 20 now)and I remember going to this site on a private server so the mom’s didnt catch me. I use to think the FEDS would come knocking at my door for entering a false birth date in the disclaimer. That was good times back them
posted on: 12-12-11 @ 5:14 PM

@karl, donít confuse selling out, with paying the bills. I got mouths to feed Namely that taco destroyer under your own nose.....
posted on: 12-12-11 @ 5:28 PM

stile sux
posted on: 12-12-11 @ 6:06 PM

I discovered this place back in December of 2007 and have been glued to it like Lightfighter’s dick to a man’s asscrack. It brings me laughs, excitement, drama, confrontations, and happiness to an otherwise dismal day. I love this place and I’m glad i found it. Jay is right too, all the other sites suck now. Remember Rotten.Com? What the hell ever happened to that site? Last i heard the government shut them down..
posted on: 12-12-11 @ 7:23 PM

been lurkin for a while.... im as old school as it gets.
posted on: 12-12-11 @ 7:48 PM

When did this turn into emotions monday?
posted on: 12-12-11 @ 7:55 PM

CS is the best.
posted on: 12-12-11 @ 8:06 PM

I've been here since 2005 when my friend said to me "check this shit out" and I watched an Arab get decapitated
posted on: 12-12-11 @ 9:10 PM

Ive been coming to the site for 40 years so I beat everyone! Or not whatever!
posted on: 12-12-11 @ 10:05 PM

I been coming here since 2009 or even longer.I can remember under the old monkey logo was read "the monkey page".This is in my opinion one of the best websites ever!!!Reasons : very few commercial, (sometimes a pop up this is okay)daily updated,everytime a funny text under the pic’/video’s.Very cool design and built up.I like the wics clips this supports that you guys love your work. And the best thing is that I can post my sexy pic’s in the forums, is only sad that we don’t have much forum users.
posted on: 12-13-11 @ 2:12 AM

And btw : It’s pretty cool that we don’t have "rules" here.In a german forum I were get banned for 1000 times.Okay Jay thank you very much for this all !!!
posted on: 12-13-11 @ 2:27 AM

thats cool jay i love cs and the daily porn man keep it up
posted on: 12-13-11 @ 2:29 AM

It's a hell of alot better now than it was when I first came here in Feb.00
posted on: 12-13-11 @ 4:03 AM

yeah ive been visiting since the late fuk,n sixties ,.. yeah thats right i,m the fuk,n oldest motherfucker here , blah blah .. who gives a fuk if your new or old.. your status means jack shit here, what counts is tommorrows posts, so if you guys are finished pulling each others dicks , start getting tomorrows posts up ..oh and i love this site too !
posted on: 12-13-11 @ 6:15 AM

You know you have been on the net a long time when you have tried to install Trumpet Winsock with Netscape on your Commodore 64. Yes I have seen sites come and go, change names. Nice to see some stick around. Thanks guys.
posted on: 12-13-11 @ 9:27 AM

I first stumbleed upon this sight in 2003.... been here ever since.
posted on: 12-13-11 @ 10:08 AM

Yup.. 2003 here. just never got interested in posting anything for a few years. I never even knew the forums existed til a couple of years ago.
posted on: 12-13-11 @ 11:25 AM

been here 6 years only started commenting a couple years ago (2009) buty its a damn good stress relieaver and good therapy for my head problems. im just waiting for a video of jay or adam doing some real honest to god crazyshit, like skydive in your underwear or swim with a shark or base jump naked. come on fuckers make a crazy video of the crazyshit staff doing crqazyshit!!!
posted on: 12-13-11 @ 11:42 AM

^^Ron just admitted that he wants to see you guys naked...
posted on: 12-13-11 @ 10:29 PM

And btw : Itís pretty cool that we donít have "rules" here.In a german forum I were get banned for 1000 times.Okay Jay thank you very much for this all !!! I thought the Americans were "prim"???
posted on: 12-14-11 @ 12:58 AM