Stripper Christmas Party

on 12.22.2011

Today is the crazyshit.com staff Christmas Party. We are going to a all you can eat buffet at a Strip Club. What can be better than hot strippers and food? Nothing! All the food you can eat, and all the tits you can see. That's how Christmas should be. I would take pictures, but we all know there is no picture taking in the Club. It's time to go! --Jay

Jay D., jay@crazyshit.com
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
No pictures?! Bullshit, you’re a VIP, you can get away with anything. Just tell ’em you’ve got the best website in the U.S. and you’ll be happy to advertise for their business. They’ll even pay YOU for it! The fuck were you thinking, man?! Keep yo mind on yo money and yo money on yo mind! The bitches are just fringe benefits.
posted on: 12-22-11 @ 12:42 PM

goddamnit that sounds good-how about you set up a branch of crazyshit in ireland and start hiring
posted on: 12-22-11 @ 12:44 PM

so you’re the guys that actually eat strip club food
posted on: 12-22-11 @ 1:43 PM

Best strip club food in Indiana is at PT'S in Indianapolis. I'm talkin ribs, taters and all the fixins. Plus Barbie doll lookin Bitches!
posted on: 12-22-11 @ 3:08 PM

people sneeze in regular buffet food, i domn’t even wanna know what they blow into strip club buffets!!
posted on: 12-22-11 @ 4:17 PM

There is one like that down near Boca that was fucking Awsome! Have fun guys and Marry Christmas!
posted on: 12-22-11 @ 5:48 PM

if adam is going you know those strippers have dicks
posted on: 12-22-11 @ 9:44 PM

who goes to titty bars to eat wtf
posted on: 12-22-11 @ 11:48 PM