Merry New Year

on 12.31.2011

It's that time of year again where we kiss 2011 goodbye and welcome in 2012. We had a blast this year, and would like to thank everyone for coming to crazyshit daily! Yes I would like to thank all 27 million people that came to crazyshit in 2011. You made this site great! As usual, we don't rest on our tired and hung over laurels. We have some great plans for 2012, so stay tuned. Also, today is Adam's birthday, take a moment to say happy birthday to him. --Jay

Jay D., jay@crazyshit.com
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
Happy birthday Adam you tranny loving bitch x And congrats to Jay Adam and Henry for keeping this site up and running. Happy new year... Send user boobs ladies....x
posted on: 12-31-11 @ 3:51 PM

happy birthday ya fucking pain in the ass!! we all love ya in a...... heterosexual way though!!
posted on: 12-31-11 @ 5:50 PM

happy birthday and fuck you. =D
posted on: 12-31-11 @ 8:09 PM

Jay D.
Drinking has commenced. I hope everyone gets wasted tonight. All 92 thousand crazyshitter that visited today! PS if you can do Guinness and Champagne. Sooo good!
posted on: 12-31-11 @ 8:21 PM

FUCK all of you happy b-day adam
posted on: 12-31-11 @ 8:32 PM

Happy Birthday Adam hope you get laid tonight
posted on: 12-31-11 @ 9:22 PM

happy b day , please don’t say suddenly you people got a life
posted on: 01-01-12 @ 12:51 AM

Happy birthday man I am at a CASINO IN CT. getting shitfaced myself. Happy new year BITCHES!!
posted on: 01-01-12 @ 2:15 AM

happy birf day man
posted on: 01-01-12 @ 2:39 AM

Happy Birthday Adam and a happy new year.I hope I can enjoy more trannys and gays on the front page you do an awesome job keep it on.And Jay should post more gays too.See ya guys ;-)
posted on: 01-01-12 @ 3:06 AM