Happy 2012

on 01.01.2012

Did you enjoy your New Year's celebration? Did you drink til you puked, and then keep on drinking? Did you makeout with a hot girl, but end up fucking an ugly one? Did you get arrested for acting like a drunk asshole? Or did you just stay out home with your bong and playstation? Whatever you did, have a happy fucking new year, and send us pictures of tits with crazyshit written on them. --Adam

Adam H., adamh@crazyshit.com
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
ate turkey watched a movie fucked the dog ate the wife passed out on the shitter now my roids are killing me. last fucking time im eating turkey on new years. hope 2012 is just as fun. .
posted on: 01-01-12 @ 1:41 PM

got anal new years morn and boy is my ass sore!..lol , nah nah , but the wife took it well, good girl ..lmao
posted on: 01-01-12 @ 2:02 PM

to all my friends who sent me best wishes for 2011, it did fuck all! for 2012 please send either drugs, money, piss or petrol vouchers!! cheers
posted on: 01-01-12 @ 2:08 PM