Almost 3000 Likes

on 01.03.2012

We don't really push the facebook page too much, but it is pretty cool to hit small milestones. We are nine people away form 3,000 people that like crazyshit. What's so weird is, that is only a small fraction of the 85,000 people that come here daily. I guess those people are busy or don't want their Grandma to know the like crazyshit. Maybe it's time you man up and let your Granny know you are a sick fuck! You can like us here! --Jay

Jay D., jay@crazyshit.com
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
Don’t have a facebook account, don’t need at facebook account, fuck facebook and while your at it, fuck Twitter too.
posted on: 01-03-12 @ 1:40 PM

Jay D.
I feel ya. We are just trying to spread the shit like a farmer.
posted on: 01-03-12 @ 4:09 PM

Hey Jay! I never really thought about it because I do the bare minimum on facebook. I don’t think I’ve ever done the "like" thing a single time but since you are asking I would NEVER "like" CS on facebook. The generation before us wouldn’t understand. No way in hell I would ever let them know but it’s out of respect for them not because I’m ashamed of CS. There are videos and pics on CS that I WILL NOT watch so it’s impossible to let others know, "this type of video I will not watch but this type I love." Now what I’m saying? I do not love the all encompassing things about CS but I do love the site nontheless. I do share things about CS to my friends so I "spread the seed" that way. This is your business and I understand that you do this to provide for your family and the family’s of your employees. That’s pretty cool in itself! A couple weeks ago I got a debit card through my bank. I left UT one weekend, back in 88’, with a couple of my pledge brothers(Kappa Sig pledges) and went to a Grateful Dead show. I decided to take a little time off to go to some more shows and finally went back in, I think it was 1995, yea just a little time off! Point is I got out of the habit of using credit/debit cards and just got my new one. I’m going to support you in that way RIGHT DAMN NOW! I will also keep sending some of your videos to my select group of friends just not my mom and grandmother! Peace my man!
posted on: 01-03-12 @ 4:58 PM

i agree with uncze9, these sites are for latte sipping faggots! no offense Jay. Lmao. CS for life.
posted on: 01-03-12 @ 6:09 PM

^^^ Good think i Drink hot Cocoa... :-)
posted on: 01-03-12 @ 6:45 PM

The more followers the more you can charge your Advertizers. Awsome ! Keep up the good work and you will shine my friends
posted on: 01-03-12 @ 8:12 PM

I was #3024. Little ways off from 1st... bitches.
posted on: 01-03-12 @ 8:53 PM

#3034 sounding off.
posted on: 01-03-12 @ 10:32 PM

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posted on: 01-04-12 @ 9:02 AM