Whitey Scared Of Paul

on 01.04.2012

It's becoming clear to me that the white devil that is the GOP is scared of Ron Paul. I have recently become a fan of Paul, and I think that he will certainly stir up a shit storm. If you know me, you know I am a fan of chaos and change. As we all know, all we ever get from our politicians is shit. Bullshit and more bullshit. That's why I am liking Paul. I think he can cut the bullshit down. Maybe not eliminate it, but at least cut it down. Hell, if he doesn't get the GOP nomination, he will for sure throw a wrench in the election for both sides. I'm sure it's not the greatest thing to have crazyshit endorse you, but we are throwing our hat in his corner. --Jay

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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
Yes. I don't agree with all his views. But we need major change and less government. He will get my vote.
posted on: 01-04-12 @ 1:26 PM

I like Paul too, but he needs a third party. Republicans won't tongue his stance on illegal drugs, our never-ending occupations in foreign country's, and general common sense. And democrats won't follow because he's against the nanny state. He need a new party... The Common Sense party.
posted on: 01-04-12 @ 1:32 PM

Adam H.
It doesn’t matter. The Illuminati will never let him be president.
posted on: 01-04-12 @ 1:48 PM

Obama 2012
posted on: 01-04-12 @ 3:39 PM

maybe not adam but yo mama will. hahahahaha!! sick him jay tell him Ron paul willl be the next president~
posted on: 01-04-12 @ 4:03 PM

Discuss here: crazyshit/forum/index.php?t=msg&th=14077&start=0&
posted on: 01-04-12 @ 8:23 PM

i dont care what he says he’s white and a politician thats shit on shit
posted on: 01-04-12 @ 8:49 PM

Romney has the appeal of an ass scab. Obama SUCKS. Ron Paul is the best candidate to run in years GO RON PAUL! (bigger talk sucks)
posted on: 01-05-12 @ 2:24 AM

I don’t have any idea who Ron Paul is. I know only Sean Paul.
posted on: 01-05-12 @ 5:58 AM

Or is maybe Ron the father from Sean ?
posted on: 01-05-12 @ 6:02 AM

I heartily second the support. You should send him a shirt, Jay! Amen
posted on: 01-05-12 @ 6:16 AM

Vote Obama if you want him to continue to apologise to the savage third world countries about Americas way of life and influence in the world. JFK, although a Democrat was a great president, but Obama claiming English and Irish heritage for votes is scandalous. This guy should be sending scam Nigerian emails and fucking a camel……evidently he does I suppose. VOTE RON PAUL
posted on: 01-05-12 @ 7:36 AM