No More Football For Me

on 01.09.2012

After last night's loss to the Colts..err Broncos my season for watching the Pittsburgh Steelers is over. Adam asked me if I will watch the Superbowl if the Steelers don't make it and I said "hell no." I'm a fan of Steelers football, not football in general. It's just the way I roll. Now I have my weekends free again, I guess it's time to work on my tan. I think this year, when tickets go on sale, I'm going to have to make it to a home game, it's been too long. --Jay

Jay D., jay@crazyshit.com
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
Come on Jay, u didn’t expect for Jesus to be off yesterday when the Broncos beat the Steelers. Jesus told me that he might be off this weekend, meaning the Broncos are gonna have to fend for themselves vs. the New England Patriots. Which means my boys, The Texans, road to the Superbowl has to go thru New England. Then we will face the 49ers or the Saints. Yes Adam, i said that. No packers for u in two more weeks.
posted on: 01-09-12 @ 11:10 AM

I’m with ya Jay, don’t have to worry about watching any more football this season!
posted on: 01-09-12 @ 11:51 AM

the only thing i’m thankful for is no more D-bags at the bar talking about their man-crush on big ben. Pittsburgh is an odd place to live if you’re no Steeler fan.
posted on: 01-09-12 @ 12:03 PM

Jay D.
I know kitty, I was hoping to see Steelers - Texans game one more time. @ask I can see that as being annoying. Besides James Harrison seems so much more man-crushable.
posted on: 01-09-12 @ 3:11 PM

come on theres still alot of football left dont get hurt cuz god’s a donkey fan
posted on: 01-09-12 @ 4:20 PM

posted on: 01-09-12 @ 5:20 PM

yea that sucked ass to see my steelers go down like that. but yea like you said football this season is done for me. last 3 games batch should have played he did so well against the rams. jay you got to go to a home game i went to the last home game on the 24th in december had a god dam blast. We lost in broncos country but they play in STEELER NATION MOTHERFUCKERS
posted on: 01-09-12 @ 5:21 PM

Haha they got ass raped!. By a 8-8 team TEBOW beat that ass!! IN OT!!!!!!!!!!!! :)
posted on: 01-10-12 @ 3:42 AM

fucking lions were doing so good this year, they actually had a chance, then someone decided to fucking teach them to fall on there face in the 3rd-4th 1/4 of every damn gamn for the last 5-6 games
posted on: 01-10-12 @ 12:15 PM