Help Me Be A Crazyholic

on 01.10.2012

Some time ago, Jay started a forum thread, Does Adam?, where you can ask me questions. He wanted it to get me acclimated to the forums, which it did for a couple weeks, but then I pretty much forgot about it. But for some reason, I remembered it, and I'm looking to get 25 more posts so I can officially be a crazyholic. I'm pretty sure confetti will fall from the ceiling and some midget strippers will jump out from behind my desk when this momentous event occurs. So ask me a question, and I'll probably answer it. --Adam

Adam H., adamh@crazyshit.com
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
do you every think you will like pussy again?
posted on: 01-10-12 @ 3:00 PM

a follow up to rockinron’s question. did you ever like pussy?
posted on: 01-10-12 @ 4:31 PM

Adam H.
I put a link to the forum thread for a reason. I understand you two aren’t smart enough to figure it out though.
posted on: 01-10-12 @ 6:51 PM

Does your anus sing when you fart..or is it just a low baratone spintor flapping sound typicle of a negro lover? (and or negro) Just curious...don’t feel bad. Either way it’s bad. But on a loving not so bad very romantic note. Im just sure you love to feel the air as it streems out of Jay’s ass flowing so gently through what hair you have as you gently inhale his aroma of last nights wings or boritos. I understand that is where the strength flows from like a fountain of sunlight to do what you do every day.
posted on: 01-11-12 @ 4:14 AM

And I thank you Adam, sniff sniff...I relly do.
posted on: 01-11-12 @ 4:20 AM