Really Scared Straight

on 01.14.2012

Last night I had nothing going on while here in Colorado snowboarding. I didn't feel like going out so I watched some tv. Scared Straight was the tv show that caught my eye. I could tell right away that these inmates where only scaring about half the kids. The other half, they weren't getting threw to them. I know how to get threw to those kids that just think they are so tough that jail ain't shit, here's how. You get a mean ass looking brother with a huge dick, like 9-12 inches of jail dick. Now to the tough ass punks, he walks up to them and says "who's tough here?" they say nothing. "Dam right, because you all will be my bitch, I'm gonna rape your virgin asses!" Then he throws some Vaseline at him, pulls down his pants and grabs a hold of one of the punks. Right then and there, that kid will never commit another crime. I would think the thought of being ass raped is enough to keep any man out of prison. --Jay

Jay D., jay@crazyshit.com
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
on the exception of number one fan he would most likely drop his pants in an instant
posted on: 01-14-12 @ 12:07 PM

that may have worked on you jay, but there is no way that would work on adam!
posted on: 01-14-12 @ 12:52 PM

God damn. There is more and more gay shit on this site than ever before! I think you 2 are trying to subliminally force all of us to be fags like you two.
posted on: 01-14-12 @ 2:32 PM

thats why they call it the penal system !
posted on: 01-14-12 @ 5:26 PM

"...O, not the HBO jail special, ..you want jelly or syrup..." C. Rock, circa 2000
posted on: 01-15-12 @ 7:31 AM