So Many Idiots

on 01.17.2012

Time and time again, I'm baffled by the utter stupidity of people who record themselves committing criminal acts, and then post video of it on facebook and youtube. Seriously, how fucking idiotic can you be? And it happens all the time. Way to be your own prosecutor, dumbasses. And they would probably get away with it if they chose not to share it with the entire world. I'm thoroughly convinced Mother Nature just needs to wipe all humans off this planet and give herself a fresh start. Well, all humans except for me and these ladies. --Adam

Adam H., adamh@crazyshit.com
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
oh no u don’t motherfucker... U already have "papers" to b here in the USA legally. Now u want our Latina women, fuck you and the guy u rode in on. Leave our fine ass bitches alone.
posted on: 01-17-12 @ 2:01 PM

And I know how u feel about the idiots that commit crimes and shit, then post them. I know a guy who goes out on dates with other guys AND films it. Then he posts it on the web on this site named crazyshit. They go to ball games and drink and steal food and shit. Just supplying everyone evidence how gay he is. Stupid homo if u ask me.
posted on: 01-17-12 @ 2:04 PM

what the fuck you gonna do if you and those fine ass chicks are the only people left on earth?.....exchange bean dip recipe’s?
posted on: 01-17-12 @ 2:48 PM

^ lol !
posted on: 01-17-12 @ 7:33 PM