Something To Think About

on 01.22.2012

I asked a friend of mine, hypothetically, or as Jay might say, hypnotically, if he was to snap and go on a killing rampage, how would he do it. He's a little wacky in the head, so I knew he would have a good answer. One point he made that I thought was rather interesting was that it is crucial to make sure you have very good cardio conditioning, especially if you plan on wearing body armor. Between the weight of the armor and weaponry, the normal person will gas out fairly quick. He said it would also be wise to bring a small oxygen tank to help keep you going. He went on and his answer was a lot more in depth and detailed than I was expecting, which in a way is kind of scary, but that's why I asked him. --Adam

Adam H., adamh@crazyshit.com
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
A couple of good hammers strapped to my hands and a helmet. Heavy boots to for good footing. My side arms would be a couple good nail guns.
posted on: 01-22-12 @ 4:20 PM

well its easy to see your friend is not muslim or taliban.
posted on: 01-22-12 @ 4:36 PM

Why is he "wacky in the head" if most people would grab a weapon and go, and he thinks into the issue a little better??
posted on: 01-23-12 @ 10:22 AM