Why Are You Here?

on 01.26.2012

I'm pretty sure everyone comes here for different but similar reasons, and I'm curious what they are. Do you come to see dead people, or would you rather laugh at some morons hurting themselves doing stupid shit? Or maybe you just spend your whole day bullshitting in the forums. Perhaps you just like to read peoples' comments and then feel smart in comparison to them. So what is it that you come here for? --Adam

Adam H., adamh@crazyshit.com
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
For all the pop ups and ads.
posted on: 01-26-12 @ 3:40 PM

The forum page is now listed as an attack site. WTF? Get on the job, admins!
posted on: 01-26-12 @ 3:57 PM

to fuck with white folks duh lol.
posted on: 01-26-12 @ 4:12 PM

^ Haven’t you got some gang raping to do ?
posted on: 01-26-12 @ 4:18 PM

Actually I like Jay’s and Adam’s wit I like your daily posts / updates and a big fans of the daily boob’s
posted on: 01-26-12 @ 4:25 PM

da pics are cool too doe.
posted on: 01-26-12 @ 4:31 PM

more squashed brains!
posted on: 01-26-12 @ 5:30 PM

dead bodies. Dick. Twisted shit.Cock
posted on: 01-26-12 @ 5:40 PM

I come for the beer and the bitches! Well first would be nice.
posted on: 01-26-12 @ 6:32 PM

i come for the cyst vids and the pictures of fucked up shit
posted on: 01-26-12 @ 6:51 PM

im here for the fat chicks
posted on: 01-26-12 @ 6:52 PM

Im here to harass Biggertalk,just because its fun. Fuck you biggertalk.
posted on: 01-26-12 @ 7:05 PM

Just another bad habit.
posted on: 01-26-12 @ 7:44 PM

I come here to see things that are quite unusual and funny and stupid, all in one place. Pictures of dead bodies don’t do much for me. It’s the smell and feel I remember. I have been in the jungles of VietNam and Panama, so I have seen and done a lot in my life. I enjoy this site for what it is, a compilation of the unusual, and members who will show their beautifull titties and ass.
posted on: 01-26-12 @ 8:42 PM

I’m one of the forum dweller’s.
posted on: 01-26-12 @ 8:54 PM

I come here in the hope that Greg is going to make a comeback and Jay can piss Adam off and give us back our dead baby expert.:)
posted on: 01-26-12 @ 10:15 PM

i just cum here . . good fap material! jesus what more do u want?, adam your not getting child support for NOF for fuck sake !
posted on: 01-26-12 @ 10:18 PM

i come for the beheadings and the dumb shits fucking them selves up doing dumb shit. ....that and im in love with jay and adam and want them to have asshole babys for me.
posted on: 01-26-12 @ 10:28 PM

I come here for the user boobs.
posted on: 01-26-12 @ 11:05 PM

I like the unusual, which I think accurately describes this site. Keep up the good work.
posted on: 01-26-12 @ 11:29 PM

for 4 inch in 4 weeks
posted on: 01-26-12 @ 11:44 PM

its a cool ass site i like almost everything you three post except for all the whites they suck
posted on: 01-27-12 @ 1:14 AM

im here for all the crazyshit u have to show
posted on: 01-27-12 @ 2:01 AM

forums.... and some of the people.... and a higher level of intelligent posts in the forums compared to some of the others I frequent. and a similar sense of humour
posted on: 01-27-12 @ 3:51 AM

Every evening for the past seven years or so Crazyshit is the first site I visit. Its like crack for me.
posted on: 01-27-12 @ 5:15 AM

Jay D.
@deianeia, wow that might have been the biggest surprise yet!
posted on: 01-27-12 @ 7:38 AM

I been coming here for damn near ten years! Why you ask? I don’t know...I was hoping you sick fucks could tell me!
posted on: 01-27-12 @ 9:08 AM

because i am a gay black mexican muslim with no friends :-(
posted on: 01-27-12 @ 10:31 AM

this is my facebook bitches, but i couldnt be fucked going into the forums,.. rather spend that time living a life..suckit sluts
posted on: 01-27-12 @ 10:41 AM

@Jay.... I know... but people who tend to visit the forums have common sense.... many people on other forums do not... and they are a lot more uppity and strict with being polite.... I have to work to censor myself on other forums, where here I have a sense of freedom and don’t have to worry that every post I make will get deleted or reported.
posted on: 01-27-12 @ 10:47 AM

@Jay..... I am also speaking of the forums.... and MOST people.... I do not hang out in the PG enough to know them.
posted on: 01-27-12 @ 10:50 AM

I never knew how blissfully sheltered I am until I started visiting your website. Please keep providing as much info as possible on each video or picture. Its nice to have an understanding of what I'm looking at. Thx.
posted on: 01-28-12 @ 11:44 PM

posted on: 02-02-12 @ 3:01 PM