Emails Check'm

on 01.27.2012

Hey all members of crazyshit. This is your first and most likely only warning. Please make sure your email you have on your account is active and works. You will need it in the coming days to log into crazyshit. After you log in, just go here to change it. That's all the news I have today for you. Here's a very random picture. --Jay

Jay D., jay@crazyshit.com
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
what’s up? we have to change our email?
posted on: 01-27-12 @ 4:08 PM

yada yada, just making changes to make it harder to like this place
posted on: 01-27-12 @ 4:31 PM

nvm i get it now. the "click here to change it" confused me for a sec.
posted on: 01-27-12 @ 5:01 PM

So will our new handles be our email addy? or will we keep the same handle but log in with our email? Why you fuckin with a good thing?
posted on: 01-27-12 @ 6:38 PM

no shit , dont fix whats not broken.
posted on: 01-27-12 @ 8:28 PM

Jay D.
Well I am fixing what is broke. That’s why I’m doing it. Your handle/username will be exactly the same. I just need your emails to be up to date.
posted on: 01-27-12 @ 8:33 PM

Ahhhhh damn Jay, don’t get all testy. Go grab another donut burger....lol
posted on: 01-27-12 @ 8:49 PM

He just needs our current emails to sell to other companies. ;)
posted on: 01-27-12 @ 8:53 PM

Hmmmmm, me thinks you are on to something darts.....
posted on: 01-27-12 @ 8:58 PM

jay is this a google thing? . . . be honest jay, i visit your place almost every day and will do for as long as i live im not gona blow sunshine up your or adams or henrys ass for doing your job but i would like an honest answer. ps i dont know what punctuation is. . .!!,,..’’’
posted on: 01-28-12 @ 12:14 AM

I have changed my email now, should I change my password too ?
posted on: 01-28-12 @ 4:24 AM