I Think I Want A Preggo

on 02.01.2012

I never really thought about banging a pregnant chick before, but I'm starting to think it would be kind of cool. Something to do just for the novelty of it. But not a fat, sloppy one who's using it as an excuse to chow down on whatever she craves. One like the chick in today's porn. Those swollen tits would be a lot of fun, and of course the best part of it all is there's no need to pull out. So where do all the cute pregnant sluts hang out? --Adam

Adam H., adamh@crazyshit.com
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
It’s not as much fun as you would think!!!We have 3 kid’s & every time she practically raped me!!!But you can’t rape the willing!!!
posted on: 02-01-12 @ 1:26 PM

in which trimester do you become a bona fide motherfucker?
posted on: 02-01-12 @ 1:32 PM

Just go to the projects Adam. You’ll find plenty of pregnant single checks there.
posted on: 02-01-12 @ 1:37 PM

Come on, its like putting your cock in someones doorway. Sombodies living in there.
posted on: 02-01-12 @ 2:53 PM

the tang is as tight as a 10 year old after the 5th month. ask jay he can tell ya.
posted on: 02-01-12 @ 5:28 PM

Ive been spanking it to knocked up nina online..seems like the bitch has been pregnant for years!
posted on: 02-01-12 @ 5:40 PM

My first Girlfriend just had a kid when i met her so her fun bags were full of sweet yumminess. She actually liked that i sucked on them so much that she started feeding me off of them. We would be alone watching a movie or something and would just lift her shirt and coax me over. It was ecstasy laying on her lap drinkin that up. Damn i miss those things... :’( Never banged a preggo though; don’t know how that would be...
posted on: 02-01-12 @ 7:59 PM

Preggos are still fat, I hated fucking my ole lady when she was pregnant.
posted on: 02-01-12 @ 8:35 PM

preggos are all over the place in northern florida mostly on the north side of jacksonville
posted on: 02-01-12 @ 8:57 PM

Try baby gap or the projects. Plenty of pregnant bitches there
posted on: 02-01-12 @ 11:28 PM

try dixieland trailer park.
posted on: 02-02-12 @ 12:51 AM