To Hit It Or Not To Hit It?

on 02.10.2012

Do you have any rules when it comes to hooking up with chicks you know from some specific setting that you don't want to jeopardize? For example, she could be your neighbor, co-worker, student or something like that. Basically what I'm asking is, if you know you only want to hit it a few times, but you also know you will have to see her frequently for a long time after you're done hitting it, do you hit it? Things could get weird and uncomfortable pretty fast if it doesn't pan out too well. But she has some nice big titties and a thick Latina ass that you'd really like to enjoy some quality time with. So do you shit where you eat? --Adam

Adam H., adamh@crazyshit.com
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
i would and did. damn it was worth it
posted on: 02-10-12 @ 2:25 PM

No rules anymore,im MARRIED .
posted on: 02-10-12 @ 2:57 PM

You have to make it clear to her that you want to be fuck buddies with no shit coming up after like "I want to have kids" or "let’s move in together" or "if you leave me I’ll cut your nuts off and burn your house down." Now I can’t say for sure without a picture and what your relationship to her is exactly but you might regret not hitting that ass when you’re old, your dick is shriveled up and you need help to take a shit. On the other hand chicks are unpredictable, see above...
posted on: 02-10-12 @ 3:10 PM

get drunk with her and then blame it on the booze
posted on: 02-10-12 @ 3:13 PM

hit n quit
posted on: 02-10-12 @ 3:18 PM

Jay D.
Lenny and I are on the same page.
posted on: 02-10-12 @ 3:40 PM

^hahaha same here.
posted on: 02-10-12 @ 4:37 PM

fuck it, bone her real hard a couple times, then if she gets all lovey stupid on ya, just dry fuck her in the ass and make her do ass to mouth. she will be done with ya in a heart beat.
posted on: 02-10-12 @ 5:07 PM

^your fuckin stupid
posted on: 02-10-12 @ 5:28 PM

I just want to know where the WICS is?????? FUCK!
posted on: 02-10-12 @ 6:31 PM

Never fuck a co-worker. I have to many demons and every chic I fuck seems to want a relationship and whats the first thing they do when scorned? Friends with bennies agreement or not, its just a bad idea.
posted on: 02-10-12 @ 6:49 PM

@rockinron...thats actyally a great idea....then if they talk shit about you you can say..she does ass to mouth and you dont want no gutterslut who does all that shit...
posted on: 02-10-12 @ 6:52 PM

the first rule of bang club is you dont talk about bang club
posted on: 02-10-12 @ 10:00 PM

never fuck any woman that lives in the same postcode as you.. including your wife..gigity
posted on: 02-11-12 @ 12:42 AM

Meh, it’s only awkward if you let it be awkward. It’s just sex, nothing more, nothing less.
posted on: 02-11-12 @ 10:15 AM

You mention the pretty young thing is a latina, so you might wanna watch out. where I work there was a incident where an engineer got evolved with one of the janitors and she sued the company for sexual harassment. apparently this a trick the lower classes like to pull now and then when they sense deep pockets. of course, to them, anyone that is not a janitor and has a job has deep pockets.
posted on: 02-12-12 @ 12:21 AM