Coffee And A Hangover

on 02.11.2012

You know what coffee and a hangover will do to your body? It will make you shit like a ragging waterfall! I actually think I cracked the porcelain in the toilet today. Plus I feel a little weak and shaky. Not two great things to have going on while trying to work on a computer. Maybe I should have had a Irish coffee. That would have cured the hangover, and put a pep in my step. --Jay

Jay D., jay@crazyshit.com
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
i guess shit really does happen huh
posted on: 02-11-12 @ 2:42 PM

what are you drinkin to do that to your insides man? i swear u and adam are lactose intolerant. its either that or you and adam are the ones standing up in the black and white picture post with the guy wearing you two as(s) gloves.
posted on: 02-11-12 @ 5:42 PM

just have henry stuff his hand up your ass once a week and you’sll be shitting alot easyier in no time.
posted on: 02-11-12 @ 6:28 PM

Mmmmmmh, coffee and ibuprofen. Delicious!!!
posted on: 02-11-12 @ 6:41 PM

These rants are like a diary to left behind for your kids. It’s sort of like that movie "My Life", but covered with shit and severed heads
posted on: 02-11-12 @ 10:39 PM

Get an iPad then you can work while sitting on the pot. Why you think Steve Jobs invented iPad for. When he was going through kymo and all that alternative cancer cure shit he spent 80% of his day shitting.
posted on: 02-12-12 @ 12:28 AM