Fat Men In Speedos

on 02.13.2012

Anytime I go to the beach and see a dude sporting a speedo, it's always a fat guy. What's up with that? Do they think that accentuating their junk will deter eyes from their belly. I guess when you get yourself a nice big gut, you just don't a give shit anymore. I just hope I never see the day when Jay decides to rock the nutty buddies. --Adam

Adam H., adamh@crazyshit.com
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
i call bullshit, this is just your way of getting him to do it so you can finally see what kinda sausage he is swinging!!! im betting beanie weenies.
posted on: 02-13-12 @ 6:01 PM

^ ron do you ever think about what u say before you say it ?. . . just stop for once and say that shit over in your head, then post the absolute fuckin opposite of what you first thought !
posted on: 02-13-12 @ 7:12 PM

I am a fat hairy bastard, where can I buy a speedo to fit my frame? Oo, and my nuts are a little abnormally large, so a larger pocket is good. Any advice?
posted on: 02-13-12 @ 9:13 PM