What's Her Name?

on 02.26.2012

So you've been chatting up this girl for an hour or so, and you realize you forgot her name, or more likely, you just weren't paying attention when she told you. This can be a deal breaker for sure, and it's too late to straight up ask her, so how do you find out? You can always get her number and then ask, "How do you spell your name?" But this could backfire if it's something real easy like Dawn or Pam. And of course it helps if your wingman can find out for you, but it's not always an option. So what's your move? --Adam

Adam H., adamh@crazyshit.com
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
Toots or sweet puss comes in handy from time to time.
posted on: 02-26-12 @ 5:12 PM

Chloroform, that way not knowing eachothers name comes in handy. Or, if you aren’t ugly as hell and can actually get some, you just never mention her name and then when you get her number you get HER to put it into your phone.
posted on: 02-26-12 @ 6:22 PM

lets try anal, please.
posted on: 02-26-12 @ 6:37 PM

Call her Muffin or Sunshine. Then you complain you have THE ugliest drivers license photo..ask to see hers
posted on: 02-27-12 @ 1:07 AM

You’ll find out after she files a restraining order on ya for grabing a hand full of snatch.
posted on: 02-27-12 @ 5:07 AM

This happens to girls too. She probably doesn’t know your name either most of the time.
posted on: 02-27-12 @ 8:35 AM

I dont need to know my hands name.
posted on: 02-27-12 @ 12:39 PM

You’ve never fucked a girl without knowing her name?
posted on: 02-27-12 @ 2:54 PM

say its too loud and hand her your phone and ask her to type in her number. viola she’ll never know you didn’t listen.
posted on: 02-28-12 @ 10:45 AM