Space Sex

on 02.29.2012

I was pondering some of life's greater mysteries, when I suddenly wondered how many people have had sex in space. I'm sure it's been done. You have a few guys and a couple chicks up in a spaceship, checking out the moon and stars, and you just know someone's getting freaky. It's also quite plausible that a couple dudes were up in some space station together for over a year, and got all broke back mountain on each other. I just think it would be awesome to bust a nut in space, watch it float for a minute, and then have a chick swallow it down. --Adam

Adam H., adamh@crazyshit.com
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
Space: The final frontier for porn
posted on: 02-29-12 @ 2:00 PM

i only read the first seven words and burst out laughing !
posted on: 02-29-12 @ 2:18 PM

seriously, sorry. I think there was a married couple on the space station
posted on: 02-29-12 @ 4:13 PM

no adam there was no gay sex on the ISS. so stop phantasizing. its never gonna happen.
posted on: 02-29-12 @ 7:36 PM

Houston,we have a problem.
posted on: 02-29-12 @ 11:20 PM

Numberonefan will be the first person to get fucked in the ass while in space.
posted on: 02-29-12 @ 11:58 PM

But if you’re weightless, how do you thrust into that cunt over and over? it’s not like you’ve got a bed that bounces you back up.
posted on: 03-01-12 @ 12:57 AM

@spaulding You must have a lot of experience fucking unconscious, unresponsive chicks.
posted on: 03-01-12 @ 8:23 AM

so spaulding,you’re sayin one pelvic thrust could send the bitch flyin across the space station?
posted on: 03-01-12 @ 11:54 AM

^ every impact in space halfs the energy expended between the two objects, so if you and i were in space and you hit me, not only would i fly backwards so would you. cmon people basic physics here !
posted on: 03-01-12 @ 11:57 AM

^just sayin,if fuckin in space,ya might wanna put the bitch on a short leash.lol
posted on: 03-01-12 @ 12:11 PM