Black Ball Pumper

on 03.01.2012

Yesterday there was a picture of a group of white guys that do the ball pumping. That's kind of weird, but not too unusual around these parts. The weird part was they had a brother with them doing the ball pumping too. Yes, a black ball pumper. What is really weird is, we know white dudes are freaks, but the brothers are usually not into the freaky stuff. Until now. It turns out the brothers are just as much freaks as the honkeys, they just have kept it hidden longer. You see, if you take a picture with a white dude, there is a 105% chance it will be on the internet. Let that be a lesson to you freaky black dudes. Don't take pictures with your freaky white friends. --Jay

Jay D., jay@crazyshit.com
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
Black dudes have always been into the freak stuff. It’s just that Best Buy doesn’t accept food stamps, giving them no access to a camera.
posted on: 03-01-12 @ 1:58 PM

bigtalk and biggertalk, Jay is tryin to teach ya’ll a life lesson, pays attention now.
posted on: 03-01-12 @ 2:28 PM

They can’t afford a camera unless they steal one.
posted on: 03-01-12 @ 11:35 PM

Ok, the balls are are all pumped up...now what? what the fuck do they do? ’cause their dicks get tiny as shit
posted on: 03-02-12 @ 2:17 AM