CS Member Sex

on 03.06.2012

I wonder if any crazyshit members that met on crazyshit have hooked up and had sex. Maybe someone went on vacation and met up with a member who lived there, or maybe someone traveled just to fuck another member. I have to assume it's happened. If not, I'm very disappointed in you all. What's the point of spending a bunch of time bullshitting online if it isn't going to get you either paid or laid? Anybody got a story to tell us? --Adam

Adam H., adamh@crazyshit.com
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
well dam..i didnt know we had to hook up here to, any ladies on crazyshit wanna hook up and have a one night stand,or a one morning stand then lets do this.i live in florida near tampa so if any hot chics out there live in tampa call me and lets hook up....my numbers 352 206 7775..ask for john....thanks...hope to hear from you....bye!!!..lol
posted on: 03-06-12 @ 2:20 PM

i heard biggertalk when’t to germany
posted on: 03-06-12 @ 2:21 PM

wait a sec...didnt somebody from cazyshit hook up with somebody from here and they recorded it?
posted on: 03-06-12 @ 2:23 PM

I banged Boobles.
posted on: 03-06-12 @ 3:21 PM

I’m sure Cock-n-ron & #1fag hook up all the time!!!
posted on: 03-06-12 @ 3:58 PM

Ive hit a couple strippers from the past on here that work at the club I dj at thats about it for me
posted on: 03-06-12 @ 4:40 PM

ok i met this guy in a bar one nighti started to talk to him because he had this tattoo of bender the robot on his shoulder and it said bugshit under it. anyway. we did some shots and when the night was over he whips out a thousand bucks and says" rockinron i want you to power fuck the shit outta my face!and dump you nuts down my throat" i said dude im not gay. he said thats ok man i just want your cock down my throat, will 2 grand do it? i said what the fuck. next thing ya know 2 years later im on maury and some dumb fuck named bugshit, claims his tonsil baby is my son!!! i dont give a fuck what that show says. i had a vasectomy!1 besides the kid was born with a tatoo that said bigtalk jr on his arm and he was black!! true story.
posted on: 03-06-12 @ 5:05 PM

i fucked wendi/treehouse about 3 times each.
posted on: 03-06-12 @ 5:37 PM

^So that’s why my tranny friend won’t sleep over at my house anymore--dammit biggertalk,you scared her away!
posted on: 03-06-12 @ 6:57 PM

Rockinron, you deserved a + for that. That was funny shit. :-D
posted on: 03-06-12 @ 7:44 PM

Biggertalk, we need picture and or recorded proof.
posted on: 03-06-12 @ 7:46 PM

dont. . . just dont go there. i only have one life, and i dont want any. .ANY of these assholes posting there sex lives here. . im not fucking joking ! dont do it !
posted on: 03-06-12 @ 10:31 PM

Me and my hand..does that count ?
posted on: 03-07-12 @ 11:04 AM

Adam for the last fucking time...I’m not gay! Stop private messaging me for my butt virginity!
posted on: 03-07-12 @ 9:37 PM