An Eventful Night

on 03.09.2012

I was a little late getting to work today, and when I told Jay why, he said, "You have to blog about that!" Basically, a lady friend of mine invited me out for some drinks and dancing to celebrate her friend's birthday. I meet up with the group and the birthday girl is already getting good and sauced up. A couple hours later, we're at the club and she ends up completely incapacitated on the bathroom floor for about a half hour. Finally some dude in her friendzone goes in and scoops her up, and after some big ordeal, we finally get the chick in the car and on her way home. Except she doesn't want to go home. She wants to go the hospital. I'm opposed to this idea, because hospitals suck and I feel she should just pass the fuck out at home. She goes on about how for the last 3 weeks, she's been having stomach pain, vomiting, not been able to eat, and so on. I try to explain that if it's been 3 weeks, then she can wait one more night, because sitting in an ER waiting room while you're drunk as fuck is going to suck. Then she says that she has also been bleeding. "Bleeding from where?", I inquire. "From my butt.", she replies. I unsuccessfully try not to laugh, and pretty much tell her if that's what she wants, then fine. So I help my friend get her friend to the ER, and then drive away knowing they're in for a long, shitty night. With some anal bleeding. Good times! --Adam

Adam H., adamh@crazyshit.com
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
cool story, bro.
posted on: 03-09-12 @ 5:25 PM

bleed ass? must get drunk around people not in her friend zone also!!
posted on: 03-09-12 @ 7:27 PM

So? Does it explain anywhere in that wind-blown statement(That’s what it would be called if I wrote it) why you were late?
posted on: 03-09-12 @ 8:02 PM

yeah that happened . . . then you woke up giving jay a reach around whilst henry was balls deep in your ass and NOF was cum gargling rock-in Ron and big talk. . . lets hear another bed time storey ! . you spent the night in a homeless shelter drunk on paint thinner and ended up being the anal gimp of German paedophiles and you woke up bleeding from your ass-hole under a fly over. .
posted on: 03-09-12 @ 9:59 PM

see we can both make up shit. .
posted on: 03-09-12 @ 10:10 PM

Bleeding asshole??? Ask numberonefan, the leading authority on the menstruating anus.
posted on: 03-10-12 @ 12:14 AM

Hmmm " a lady friend" huh, sounds suspect.
posted on: 03-10-12 @ 1:42 AM

Sounds like Adam has to start carrying a cam corder around with him to record his nights. This sounds interesting to me.
posted on: 03-10-12 @ 10:03 AM

^^^^need to gtfo of the house. Crazy shit does happen. I once heard of some fucking douchbag that actually walked around in a dick costume had dicks all over it, Yeah it was a dude. True story!
posted on: 03-10-12 @ 7:13 PM