Upper Decker

on 03.13.2012

We get a pretty solid amount of poop pictures here. It's like everyone is always proud of their shits. I know I am. But, one picture we have never gotten is a upper decker picture. If you don't know what a upper decker is, it's when you take the lid off the top of the toilet and drop the boys off at the pool. Then the person that owns the house that you did it in gets bits of shit every time they flush. It's pretty funny. So how about it, let's see some upper decker pictures! --Jay

Jay D., jay@crazyshit.com
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
What if I shit in the urinal at my work. Would that count?
posted on: 03-13-12 @ 2:58 PM

Jay D.
I think that might be a balcony shit. But you get 1/2 credit. Dooo it!
posted on: 03-14-12 @ 12:39 AM

hahahaha i puked in the sink , shit in the urinal, and busted my empty vodka bottle in the shitter once back in college at the mess hall bathroom.
posted on: 03-14-12 @ 11:06 AM