Some Pretty Funny Shit

on 03.23.2012

The forums are really of no interest to me, but from time to time I take a look and see what's going on in there. Usually it's just the same members saying the same shit in every thread, regardless of the topic, but one thread I was checking out that I thought was pretty damn funny is The Fuck With The Family Album Pictures Thread. There are some good chops in there that had me laughing. So even if you think the forums are lame as fuck, check out that thread. You're sure to see a member you don't like with some cocks in his or her face. --Adam

Adam H., adamh@crazyshit.com
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
the forums are for lifeless fags that honestly dont have an outside of the computer life. or for people that are to old to get out or too pyhsically fucked up to get out. but mostly geeks with no life that live in mommas basement. lmao!!!hahahahhahahhaha
posted on: 03-24-12 @ 9:59 AM

Jay D.
So seriously, why aren’t you in there?
posted on: 03-24-12 @ 11:30 AM

Adam doesn’t like the forums because there’s only one gay thread, "note: he even mentions cock in the face in the one thread he does like", and Rockinron doesn’t like the forums because he doesn’t meet the minimum IQ requirements. ;) But seriously dudes, drop in and post something. You don’t have to camp out. Well, Ron might if he sees the Rrrolf’s Racism Thread. Adam, I’ve alreay seen you lurking in NOF’s picture thread for more than fifteen minutes. Go ahead and post something. ;)
posted on: 03-24-12 @ 5:26 PM