Cracked Screen

on 03.26.2012

Last week I was feeding my kid when my phone fell out of my pocket. Bam! Two bounces and it landed face down on the tile floor. I knew instantly that she was done for. After I got done feeding the boy, I picked it up. Yup, fully cracked screen. I can barely see out of it. Now my question is I can upgrade it in June, or should I pay the hundred bucks to get it repaired. I kind of like the fancy new screen though. It's sharp and might be able to cut someone in a knife fight! --Jay

Jay D., jay@crazyshit.com
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
A hundred stripper tips is a little much to pay for a cracked window on a piece of shit phone that you will just drop again. Live with the crack until June and get a better phone.
posted on: 03-26-12 @ 2:02 PM

jay just throw it away and get one of those cool pagers like adam has, i’m sure he’ll tell you all about how good they are
posted on: 03-26-12 @ 2:04 PM

tin can and a string works good also.
posted on: 03-26-12 @ 2:21 PM

They should cut you a discount since you are so close to renewal
posted on: 03-26-12 @ 2:34 PM

Try E-bay You should be able to get a replacement screen & the tools to fix it for pretty cheep...& it’s not that hard to do it yourself!!!
posted on: 03-26-12 @ 4:25 PM

posted on: 03-26-12 @ 8:28 PM

Hey go to youtube and watch a tutorial on how to replace broken screen and do it your self man save the ahundred bucks!!!
posted on: 03-26-12 @ 8:38 PM

Shattered my evo 3d also, fuck now I cant see tits in 3d, fuck!
posted on: 03-26-12 @ 9:26 PM