Not In The Peanut Gallery

on 03.28.2012

It seems that every couple months, I have to remind some of you what the peanut gallery is for. It's for making comments, preferably funny, about what is in the picture or video. It's not for going back and forth with some other member about whatever dumb shit you want to argue about. That's what the forums are for. A lot of times I don't see shit in time to put a stop to it, so let this be a warning for all you fuckholes that want to douche up the peanut gallery with your dumb bullshit. Piss off! Take it to the forums, or better yet, realize that nobody gives a shit and you're fighting a losing battle. I read a great comment on a youtube video not too long ago that went, "Arguing on the internet is like competing in the Special Olympics. Even if you win, you're still fucking retarded!" Truer words have never been typed. --Adam

Adam H., adamh@crazyshit.com
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
so what your saying is 95% of the members of crazyshit are retards? right?
posted on: 03-28-12 @ 4:20 PM

99% Ron!!! you and me excepted...
posted on: 03-28-12 @ 4:37 PM

yeah i love reading the comments all yall post but when it gets to the dumb shit talking i stop reading, some of yall are funny mother fuckers lol. just private message them and set up a meating and duke it out if you care so much to talk shit. and remember to video tape it and sent it to crazy shit :)
posted on: 03-28-12 @ 5:17 PM

i agree with you adam but sometimes the banter is just as funny as the picture or video. sometimes ! lol
posted on: 03-28-12 @ 5:21 PM

So I guess marco and ron are in the 1% of crazyshitters who have shit for brains. I’m glad I’m not in that group and just a retard. Excuse me now while I go cry to mammy about a bad person on the internet calling me retarded.
posted on: 03-28-12 @ 5:41 PM

So in essence. You are winning the argument by attempting to put a stop to it. Therefore Adam, as you say in your own words you are a retard. I kid I kid.
posted on: 03-28-12 @ 5:46 PM

Start swinging Adam, you may hit ’em, but they always come back. Just like whack-a-mole.
posted on: 03-28-12 @ 7:03 PM

Jay D.
And just as friendly reminder. If we ban you, and you have a second name, that one gets banned to.
posted on: 03-28-12 @ 9:31 PM

Who’s got a second name ? come-on tell us.
posted on: 03-28-12 @ 10:28 PM

I thought everybody competing in the Special Olympics was a winner.
posted on: 03-28-12 @ 10:30 PM

+1 on Lightfighter. Sorry, had to.
posted on: 03-28-12 @ 10:56 PM

Bann Shmann, ... doesn’t matter to me. As long as the old people next door to me leave their bedroom curtains open for me and I have a jar of Vaseline im good for life. :-)
posted on: 03-28-12 @ 10:59 PM

Aside this comment.. Lately I couldn't give a fuck about commenting ,I scroll down and see biggertalk comments and it reminds me to go kick the shit out of the niebours dog. Suckmaballs assclowns!
posted on: 03-28-12 @ 11:10 PM

^^^^^^^^^^ HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA... I just watch ROOTS and AMISTAD and it makes me feel better. :-)
posted on: 03-28-12 @ 11:20 PM

damn im gone for a couple months since gayblue gets bannend,ppl are following in his footsteps...must be bigtalk lmao. i need to stop working so much im missing alot
posted on: 03-29-12 @ 2:25 AM

I myself being a former retard know Adams pain. All i can say is DUH HU HU(drool down chin)
posted on: 03-29-12 @ 5:27 AM