Question For You

on 03.31.2012

I'm not sure if there is a name for this or not, but let me throw this out there for you. What if you are on the toilet about to drop the kids off at the pool when you start to fap. Now if it would be possible if you could bust a nut and shit at the same exact time, what would that be called? Is that even possible? Will your body allow that to happen? I mean most times when I jizz I almost black out, which could be dangerous. --Jay

Jay D., jay@crazyshit.com
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
ask NOF, sounds like something someone gay or asian would do. .HOLY SHIT JAY!! YOUR TURNING ASIAN OR GAY!! you been around adam wayyy to long dude.
posted on: 03-31-12 @ 2:11 PM

Hi Jay, I don’t have a answer for your strange question.I just wanna say that the pictures today are the best I every seen.I mean, I saw a fat nazi girl, trannys,a dick tattoo and a hot dildo guy, this is really awesome. I really love you guys, and believe me I would like to support your awesome asses (with a vip membership).Unfortunately I don’t have a credit card :-( It were very cool if you would accept a pay safe cards, please let me know I can buy one here (only in ) and give you the code.Sincerely NOF
posted on: 03-31-12 @ 2:15 PM

another experiment from the test labs at crazyshit
posted on: 03-31-12 @ 2:48 PM

well if a girl sucks your dick while u shit thats called a blumpkin! so hows about calling it a self blumpkin?
posted on: 03-31-12 @ 3:23 PM

"The Alaskan pipeline"- When you freeze a turd in the freezer and use it like a dildo.
posted on: 03-31-12 @ 3:39 PM

^^^copying my comments I see.^^^^
posted on: 04-01-12 @ 1:17 AM

Call it a jizz shitzle.
posted on: 04-01-12 @ 1:19 AM

if you are cumming and stitting at the same time it looks like co co puffs in the bowl when its over if you do both at the same time.
posted on: 04-01-12 @ 4:28 AM