Fuck Netflix

on 04.07.2012

Last night my kid wasn't feeling so hot, and we thought he would like to watch a movie to relax a little bit. I know you are going to find this hard to believe, but I have no idea how to watch a full length movie on the internet, so I tried out Netflix. All we wanted him to see was Toy Story. I search google for "Toy Story Netflix" and their page shows up, and it looks like they have it. Awesome, let me sign up. After signing up, and searching for "Toy Story", the closest match I got was "Troy Story"...WTF? Needless to say, they didn't have it. My wife was pissed at me, and the kid was screaming his head off. So Fuck You Netflix! --Jay

Jay D., jay@crazyshit.com
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
Sometimes they have it and sometimes they send it to you in mail on dvd...I just shut mine off..they don’t update it enough.even though it is cheap
posted on: 04-07-12 @ 2:10 PM

Fuck man, vhs is the way to go, 90s style. Plus, there are tons of places online you can watch movies for free like crackle for example. Your wife is right to be pissed.
posted on: 04-07-12 @ 2:12 PM

Jay, if your interested, I can tell you how to download and burn all the movies you want for free. And a lot of times even before they are in the theater. Email me if your interested
posted on: 04-07-12 @ 2:35 PM

posted on: 04-07-12 @ 3:04 PM

netflix are fucking lame and dont give a frogs fat ass about its customers. unfourtunately jay you just fucked yourself outta some beer money.
posted on: 04-07-12 @ 4:35 PM

try tubeplus it’s free
posted on: 04-07-12 @ 5:39 PM

Go on Adams Netflix if he has one. On second thought, you probably dont want your little one watching tranny porn...
posted on: 04-07-12 @ 8:16 PM

Jay, lock your wife in the closet, or the basement would be better and give junior a shot of whiskey then you can kick back with some porn.
posted on: 04-07-12 @ 10:50 PM

Ok, I guess I’m going to be the bad guy. Jay this is definitely not going to single you out because THIS is what the vast majority of parents do now. Kid upset? We’ll set him in front of the screen to make him feel better. How about taking him for a hike or plant some flowers or at least go outside and teach what’s what(flowers, trees, wild flowers, bushes, animals ... something besides TV/Internet). Please don’t take it personal but go ahead and do whatcha do and mabe he can be as round as his daddy one day. Peace!
posted on: 04-08-12 @ 1:13 AM

Jay D.
@tgarn, I’ll email ya. @ftw, it’s true. I know nothing of that shit. @wis, I usually don’t go into personal life, but my kid had a fever. I’m pretty sure we weren’t going on a hike. But he felt better yesterday and was outside for most the day working on a project with me.
posted on: 04-08-12 @ 6:25 AM

Hey Jay and all! When I’m wrong I say I’m wrong! Especially when it’s about a father and his son. Sorry for my post Jay! I didn’t take into account the first sentence of your comment, "Last night my kid wasn’t feeling so hot, and we thought he would like to watch a movie to relax a little bit." I truly meant it in general terms but it came out to seem that I was pointing the finger at you. Shit dude, again I’m sorry for that! I know you’re a proud papa and my comment was mighty lame! I felt bad as soon as I hit the "Post your comments" button! Peace?
posted on: 04-09-12 @ 3:33 AM

Jay D.
Hey, no problem, you still cool in my book.
posted on: 04-09-12 @ 6:04 AM

Cool! I appreciate that!
posted on: 04-09-12 @ 5:05 PM