Poop Lovers

on 04.21.2012

I have been thinking about what crazyshit.com needs next, and I have come to this conclusion: We need a Rate My Shit section. We get so much literal shit submitted to us everyday, it is very clear that all you want to do out there is send us your crap for all to judge. This way, you can post it yourself, write it up, and share with friends. And the pictures will not be on the updates, so I don't have to see shit twice on a daily basis. Does that sound like something you all would like? --Jay

Jay D., jay@crazyshit.com
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
I’d like a "rate this hooker"section,we can rate them in $ amounts.
posted on: 04-21-12 @ 3:53 PM

^^ he has a good idea except it should be crack whores to make it funner!!
posted on: 04-21-12 @ 4:49 PM

Keep that shit in the forums, I’m not Japanese.
posted on: 04-21-12 @ 5:09 PM

how about " rate my high "
posted on: 04-21-12 @ 5:23 PM

I can see it already, but plugs n dropped shitty phones in the shitter
posted on: 04-21-12 @ 9:58 PM

i was gonna send in a picture of my shit but it made my ass bleed so i was more concerned about that
posted on: 04-22-12 @ 12:12 PM