Ron Paul Still In It

on 04.26.2012

While I haven't had much time to pay attention to politics, I did take a gander at the news over the last few days. Guess who is still hanging tough in the Republican primaries. The old dog, Ron Paul. That makes me very happy! Just to know he is there fucking with all those political asshats makes me all warm and tingly on the inside. Just maybe, he can really pull this thing off, because I sure as shit do not want another 4 years of my rights getting taken away. Romney and Obama will only fuck shit up even worse, we need a outsider! --Jay

Jay D., jay@crazyshit.com
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
agreed but the powers that be will never ever let an outsider win! it fucking sucks!
posted on: 04-26-12 @ 3:41 PM

Ron is like the wise old next door neighbor that makes his own wine and booze. He really makes since, but all the other neighbors thinks he's crazy just because that's the way they have been trained to think.
posted on: 04-26-12 @ 4:55 PM

nope obama 2012 son
posted on: 04-26-12 @ 5:09 PM

Dr. Paul got my vote in the primaries last Tuesday.
posted on: 04-26-12 @ 5:52 PM

Yes we do! When you hear someone say that Ron Paul is just messing up the works by staying in tell them this(if you’re able and agree). Even though he doesn’t stand a snowballs chance the longer he stays "in" then the more people will hear his message and think about what he stands for! The only way to make a change is slowly chip away at the way things are now. That’s the way I see it anyway. He knows he will NOT receive the nomination, he’d be a idiot not to know, but I believe he is looking at the larger picture! I believe it’s a fight started by my man Ross Perot. Unfortunately he was much too funny lookin’ and was demonized so that no one dared to take the reins after him! I mean why would they when he spoke out about a little thing called NAFTA! I mean it was SUCH a dumb idea to suggest that we would lose jobs if it passed!! Lol, what a DUMMY huh? My point is that what Ron Paul is doing now is going to have to be taken up by the next man and the next until it’s not a seed. My opinion folks! No matter what you think about what I’ve said don’t bitch if you’re not going to vote! So vote folks, purrty pwease! Hey drunkard! Nice to hear it dude! If your pals don’t vote then get them drunk and tell them to get their ass to polls like their "withit" friend, that be you! Cool bro? Peace all!
posted on: 04-26-12 @ 6:42 PM

Funny you're a Republican considering they want to sensor the internet meaning CS would be shut down.
posted on: 04-26-12 @ 6:57 PM

Jay D.
@bell, I’m a Independent. I do like Ron Paul though, because he is fucking with the system. And I am pretty sure he is against any censorship of the internet. Don’t forget the Dems are trying to censor the internet too.
posted on: 04-26-12 @ 9:28 PM

All politicians from the state level and up serve Zionist Israel and its crony, the Federal reserve. Once you realize the two party system and the independents are all heads on the same monster’s body, you’ll change your thinking and start seeing things clearly. Any vote is wasted in the U.S. Go back to your bread and circuses like football or reality tv. Obey, goyim.
posted on: 04-26-12 @ 10:01 PM

Biggertalk bases his vote on skin color,how educated.
posted on: 04-26-12 @ 11:33 PM

Hey Jay! I’m not sure if you will come back here but I wanted to ask you a question. I now live in a area code that DOES NOT allow ync! What law is it that has done this or is the "ync" dude just getting a jump on what is to become? I figured if anyone knew it would be you guys. The homepage stops you from entering but you can get in if you go through a search engine. You know what’s up, or anyone else for that matter? Peace all!
posted on: 04-27-12 @ 5:14 AM