Amateur Comedy

on 04.28.2012

A few nights ago we went out to support our friend Greg on his first night of standup comedy. After doing the Daily Shit, he was more than qualified to do comedy. But there were some people that were not qualified at all. Being that this was my first time at a amateur show, I wasn't fully prepared for how bad it was going to be. One black chick only talked to her family. Sure they thought it was funny, but do I really give a shit about your cousin Shortcake, or Pancake? No I fucking don't. Make me laugh or get off the stage. --Jay

Jay D., jay@crazyshit.com
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
Women don’t have the intelligence to be funny (name one funny cunt - you can’t) like they don’t have the wits to comprehend math, logic, science, driving a vehicle, direct movies, play Xbox - the glorified birth machines can’t even excel at cooking (all the great chefs in the world are men). I hope you didn’t pay to listen to that nigger bitch; I’d claim my money back if so is the case.
posted on: 04-28-12 @ 8:32 AM

Did thi kinda look like Cousin Shortcake/Pancake? crazyshit/cnt/pics/33238-miss-muffin-top
posted on: 04-28-12 @ 9:41 AM

^^ I meant "This".. Please Neg here -------->
posted on: 04-28-12 @ 11:32 AM

wpmen are funny as helll. ever watch one choke on a throat full of baby batter!!
posted on: 04-28-12 @ 2:32 PM

^true, ron. But I meant situations where you laugh WITH them, not AT them. :P
posted on: 04-28-12 @ 3:28 PM

i get the whole black humor thing, whites dont get it, i usually just think they are stupid for thinking their shit is funny. i kinda feel bad at times because of how ignorant and uncivilized the black community is still to this day
posted on: 04-28-12 @ 9:03 PM

I fucking hate that Woopi bitch,I never thought she was funny.....funny to look at.
posted on: 04-30-12 @ 6:07 AM