Can You Hate On Boobs?

on 05.03.2012

Yesterday there were some boobs posted from a fan that were just massively big titties. That got me to thinking, how can you really hate on some big ass titties? I mean, they are big, they are something you can't stop looking at and well, you know you want to knock them around for a bit. Sure the body that comes with them might not be too great, but that's the price you pay. Some fellas like it like that, and then others drink until she's cute. But they all have fun with big titties. --Jay

Jay D., jay@crazyshit.com
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
lightfagger, ron, and biggerlips hate titties,if it’s not a big hard cock their just not interested
posted on: 05-03-12 @ 2:02 PM

^^ vote for president, you know your facts!
posted on: 05-03-12 @ 2:05 PM

I liked yesterday`s big titties but were they sqashed against glass or just photoshopped ? as they were far too round.
posted on: 05-03-12 @ 2:11 PM

big fat titties look like 2 spare fat stomachs to me ! ughh i prefer a nice b cup or even a c cup! those triple d’s and quadruple e’s are all yours man!
posted on: 05-03-12 @ 2:18 PM

^and I’ll take me!!!
posted on: 05-03-12 @ 4:11 PM

so lenny and mccracken are still trying to suck crazyshit employees dicks i see. guys give it up they wont give ya a vip pass for being brown noseing little bitchs....... and jay, your wife ,made you say this didnt she. behind every man is a woman fucking up his fun.
posted on: 05-03-12 @ 5:25 PM

no ron dick sucking is your job i’d never try to take it from you
posted on: 05-03-12 @ 6:31 PM

By your theory, Jay...manboobs are all good? I’m confused.
posted on: 05-03-12 @ 7:17 PM

nothin wrong with a preference
posted on: 05-03-12 @ 7:56 PM

Lol Ron! Brown nosers always sniffing for shit cover cocks!
posted on: 05-03-12 @ 8:45 PM

posted on: 05-03-12 @ 11:02 PM

@marco. I think she was laying down and pushed them up with her hands to make them look plump
posted on: 05-04-12 @ 12:13 AM

I don’t mind 2 fat milk bags but some women will post their tits and just their tits! ...which is fine..but their pics also leave remnants of truth and reality of their back and front fat..and holding up huge fat juggs up close only reveals one thing..overweight women..which may be fine but not every ones cup of flab
posted on: 05-04-12 @ 1:37 AM

well jay your a fat fuck so you must like fat fucking bitchs.
posted on: 05-04-12 @ 8:27 AM

I tried drinking Seagrams VO, drank the whole bottle, but the rolls were still a bit too plentiful for hard on material. Do I get an A for effort?
posted on: 05-04-12 @ 6:14 PM

A-. VO is gross.
posted on: 05-04-12 @ 6:40 PM