on 05.05.2012

I can honestly say that for a person I have never met before in my life, I have never been as shocked and saddened by a celebrityís death more than the passing of MCA. I was actually in a room full of people and basically yelled, "ohh noo" when I read the news. The Beasties have been a part of my life for the last 20 years and itís just a sad day for music. Like I said, I never met the guy, but he seemed pretty cool, all the interviews I read and watched of him. His legacy will live on, and it looks like I am going to rock some B-boys for the next few weeks. --Jay

Jay D., jay@crazyshit.com
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
Why don’t you whimper some more faggot. People die, get the fuck over it.
posted on: 05-05-12 @ 4:01 PM

so if your hot to trot, or think your slicker than grease, I got news for your crew, you’ll be suckin like a leech
posted on: 05-05-12 @ 4:22 PM

its a fucking travesty when some one like this dies and a fucking waste of skin oxygen thief bieber lives. .
posted on: 05-05-12 @ 4:55 PM

Rest in peace, MCA. There will never be another group like the Beastie Boys or a guy like Adam Yauch.
posted on: 05-05-12 @ 7:08 PM

yea when i heard this news i couldnt believe it i will always remember the day when i heard that vanilla ice died 5/6/12 R.I.P
posted on: 05-05-12 @ 7:25 PM

seen the beaties live at the pontiac silverdoom. i was much more shocked when john lenon died. our teacher in school let us all otta class into the gym , she met him and had a pic of her and him on the wall in class. allways sucks when a musician die’s but there music lives on.
posted on: 05-05-12 @ 7:33 PM

Get ready, cause this ain’t funny, MCA is dead and the record company is about to make money.
posted on: 05-05-12 @ 11:39 PM

In reality though, would MCA have posted OMG YOU are dead! on his facebook? No. So, fuck it. It sucks, but that’s life.
posted on: 05-05-12 @ 11:41 PM

Only 5 minuses? Come on you faggots can do better than that. Did you all become fairies when the pedo bleached nigger died too? It’s no wonder humans still live in the stone age, so much bullshit over a useless peace of rotting meat.
posted on: 05-05-12 @ 11:46 PM